Sparkling Amber

Fast Paced Time Management game in which as Amber you will take care of running the family jewelry store and craft marvelous jewels.

When Amber takes care of the family jewelry business, she gets an important mission from the King’s court to craft marvelous jewels for the future Queen.

As Amber, you will seat customers, help them try different jewels. Meet different customers with eccentric personalities. Along the way you’ll be able to use the money you’ve earned to upgrade the jewelry store with larger showcases, better furniture, speedy shoes, everything that makes you customers happier. Watch out for shoplifters and use your hard earned stars to craft beautiful jewels for the royalty! Do you have what it takes to keep customers and the crown happy or will you be the weak link in the family tradition of jewelers?

  •  5 gorgeous jewel store venues
  • Fast paced time management
  • Lots of eccentric and funny customers
  • Wonderful upgrades to help you succeed
  • Beautiful royalty jewels to craft

Currently available as PC or Mac downlodable. Download through Mac App Store or through one of our partners:


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