Hidden Haunts

A peaceful town has fallen under a terrible curse.


Its people have disappeared and only their souls remain as ghosts. As a novice detective, you must solve the Thirteen Hauntings of Lost Haven. Unlock your sixth sense in this stunning new hidden objects game and help lift the town’s curse.


  • Solve supernatural cases
  • Find hidden objects in stunning photographic scenes
  • Build a mysterious village
  • Compete with your friends

Game Trailer

What People Say

Hidden Haunts is an excellent hidden objects game (with some gorgeous photo-realistic backgrounds and moody music, to boot) that actually stands as an overall example of how to do a Facebook game correctly. Hidden Haunts is fun to play, boasts great atmosphere, and will keep you clicking away at its sinister environments. Theoretically, it’d be nice if ghosts had the courtesy to put away their stuff before getting killed, but then we wouldn’t have a game to play, right?