Fruity Beats

Hungry for some healthy dessert, how about some Fruity Beats. Help Miranda squeeze some fruits while she dances!

Welcome into an excitement and unique match-3 experience from Casual Games top developer Kef Sensei!
Play free as you help Miranda squeeze as many Fruits as you can before the board gets full while competing with your Facebook Friends! Match 3 or more to clean the board or help yourself with fun power-ups! FIREBALL, TESLA BOMB, INFERNO, TIME FREEZER, TREASURE CHEST and more!


  • FEVER MODE: Match as fast as you can to enter in Fever Mode and boost the fun with explosive multipliers!
  • FEEL THE BEAT: Awesome sound Fxs and music that is constantly changing to match the way you play!
  • WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS: Compete with you Facebook friends to own the top of the weekly tournament leaderboard!.
  • LIVES: Ask your friends for lives or buy them with the stars you received on each play session!
  • POWER-UP ROULETTE: Match 4 fruits to unleash your luck with the Power-up Roulette to get outstanding new power-ups!
  • If you are looking for a new challenge, Fruity¬†Beats is for YOU!
  • Play now on iOS


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