Sparkling Amber and the Mac App Store

Editorial industries such as Books, Music and Games have been disrupted across the last 10 years. Writers can upload their books to Amazon and then bought from millions of Kindle users, music can be uploaded to ten’s of websites featuring indie musicians and finally games can be uploaded to sites such as the App Store where indie developers can reach millions of users.

Sparkling Amber has just been approved on the App Store and we are excited about reaching users and being a step closer to the audience.

If you want to try it please click here for more info orĀ here to buy it on the App Store.

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Eli Barnett is KefSensei's funmasteryoda. Eli works as Kef's CEO, and is a passionate entrepreneur, founder, game designer, engineer, bizdev, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and so much more.

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