about KefSensei  Fun Masters, making the world a better place

Kef Sensei is an independent game development studio focused on making FUN games… We believe every company must be able to describe itself with one word.We think FUN is the best word that describes our company, that’s what games are all about, having FUN; for 5 minutes or 24 hours in a row, every game we make is focused on keeping our players enjoyed, FUN.

By merging producers, designers, artists, musicians and programmers we create teams that want to have FUN and create FUN. With these people’s professional experience and employing Agile development methodologies to make the games we ensure the projects are delivered in time and in budget. With this highly creative environment and cutting-edge technologies we create FUN and addictive games.

Team’s philosophy is to make FUN while having FUN and make of it the companies culture. In order to make FUN games, the team must be composed by FUN people working in a FUN environment and that is what Kef Sensei is… FUN Masters.

our fun masters here some of our staff genies

Corporate Focused on FUN and DELIVERING

With 8 years experience in software development projects from our software factory using Agile development methodologies and ISO 9001 certifications, our goal is to develop quality content for Games and the Gaming Industry.

Kef Sensei is an independent game development studio focused on making FUN games. Our staff of 25 designers, programmers, and producers create FUN, high-quality and innovative games. Kef Sensei specializes in  casual games. Our specialty is inventing new FUN ways for people to enjoy our games, merging high quality artwork, music and sound special effects into addictive and FUN gameplay.

We create custom games, and also license original KefSensei titles.

Kef Sensei produces FUN games and content for other studios as a service and creates its own games to be published by third party publishers. We have worked in projects for Fortune 500 companies in the Entertainment, Music, Food and Education industries in several media types including PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Facebook games. Our goal is to establish ourselves as lead game development company creating FUN and high quality games, through strategic partnerships with other game development studios, publishers and companies.

Kef Sensei has proven to be capable of becoming a large international game development company capable of producing games that will hold true to the highest standards and provide many hours of FUN to game players around the world


Founders Eli Barnett, CEO and Founder of KefSensei.

Eli is former CEO of Before Interactive Solutions, a software outsourcing company based in Montevideo Uruguay where he helped develop the company from 2 to more than 60 employees working for the US, UK, Spain and Germany.

Eli has also taught Artificial Intelligence at ORT University specializing in Genetic Algorithms and attended several conferences in America and Europe.

Eli graduated  from ORT University in Montevideo, Uruguay  in Software Engineering and founded KefSensei in 2007 based on his love for the Atari, Apple, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga and Nintendo during his childhood.