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  • that ~1% of Mobile gamers — dubbed whales — account for 29% of all spending in mobile games?
  • Congratulations to the whole team for getting this out! GO Miranda!! Apple Store URL: http://t.co/nGeaYfBX3p
  • Woohooo!! Fruity Beats now available on iPhone and iPad Check it out: https://t.co/rtR3801Y4W http://t.co/sO0SIAgeYJ
  • This is how the desktop looked like in the morning: empty coffee mug and some sketches http://t.co/1Itdi2sGuo
  • Great and bad projects both begin with 'napkin mockups'

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Sparkling Amber

Fast Paced Time Management game in which as Amber you...

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Fruity Beats

Welcome into an excitement and unique match-3 experience from Casual...

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Hidden Express

It’s a hidden object game like you’ve never played before!...

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